Argumentative Essay On Supersizing America

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Joe Lopez English 5 4/26/2015 Supersizing America With a fast food chain on almost every city block, we as a society always seem to walk our way through a maze of advertisements and low prices for unhealthy fast food. Obesity and declining health in children and adults today, is a huge problem that American’s face day in and day out with fast food playing the leading roll. Consuming fast food is killing us all slowly with fattening and low quality foods that contain; only god knows what, in them. The fast food industry, and to be specific, companies like McDonalds, are a bunch of corporate money hungry individuals who deceive us all (especially our children) for their own good at our expense, while they will argue otherwise. Like most companies…show more content…
Profit margins and profit motives seem to set the pace for the fast food industry, while American citizens suffer the consequences. This isn’t meant to say that American’s aren’t lacking responsibility or personal accountability, it’s meant to say that the American diet has shifted towards a corporate-sponsored, unhealthy diet that streamlines and increases profit at the expense of the health of the average American, including our children. In certain cases, it’s undeniable that American fast-food companies and businesses are making conscious decisions that negatively affect consumer choice, health, and the well-being of the American people. A recent review on US neighborhood environments reported fast food restaurants are more prevalent in low-income and ethnic minority areas, possibly contributing to economic and ethnic obesity disparities (The Authors, 2010). It’s important that we care about these issues because our very health is at stake. As grocery prices continue to rise, isn’t it interesting that unhealthy fast foods continue to remain a cheap alternative? There is a concerted effort to direct American consumers towards fast food, and the health implications of a continued diet of fast food are frightening, to say the

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