Circle Of Blame Analysis

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The Circle of Blame. This is a tool that is used to evaluate the part you have played in a challenging situation or one you have found yourself in. This could be something from the past or something you are currently experiencing. After you have evaluated the part you have played, it is important for you to evaluate what you would do differently, if you are faced with a similar situation again. I have called this section, ‘My New Learning.’ Below are the results for my circle of blame. I have entitled it - My Career Choice. I am to blame because: • I did not take responsibility early enough. • I should not have allowed the situation to continue for as long as it did. • I should have had better feelings about myself and my own self-worth.…show more content…
If you look at the sentences above, in the ‘I am to blame’ section, you will see that there is a total lack of engagement and that each point made was a negative statement. However, when you look at the ‘My New Learning’ there is total engagement in the process. Each sentence written is positive. I found the exercise, very liberating as it made me stop and reflect on an incident that had caused me a lot of pain. However, now instead of focusing on the effects of what happened, I was now able to focus on the causes. From this new viewpoint I took ownership for my part, but not the part that did not belong to me. This was a powerful shift in my mindset. I was taking back control. For your own personal learning in this chapter I would recommend that you complete your own ‘Circle of Blame’ for an event of your choice. I know that as you use the coaching tool, it would result in better clarity of the situation. A good starting point you could use, would be the situation(s) that caused you to set your goals you identified at the end of chapter…show more content…
In the team Motivational Map ® report, it states that TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. This shows that a partnership is taking place. They contrast this with the word group. A group are people who are carrying out a similar role or work in the same department. For a team to be effective, engaged and motivated the employee needs to understand the individual motivation at work. Does your employee like to work as part of a group or alone when working on a project? Do they need to be praised? Do they need a detailed brief? Do they want to be just given the assignment and left to complete it themselves? No one way of working is better than another, but sometimes we want to impose the way we work best on others. A good manager would know which members of their team like to be micro-managed and which like to be given the task to work on independently. If they are managed the wrong way it can leave them feeling totally

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