How Is Frankenstein Still Relevant Today

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“The gentle manners and beauty of the cottagers greatly endeared them to me; when they were unhappy, I felt depressed; when they rejoiced, I sympathized in their joys.” (Shelley 93) Many modern issues are represented in the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley which were never thought of extensively at the time. The quote, from Frankenstein, is in the voice of Victor Frankenstein’s creation who dearly wants to be loved. This is demonstrated in the real world today. There is considerable prejudice in the world against individuals who are not attractive. The unattractive individuals are automatically put at a disadvantage in life generally, and the individual’s good qualities are often not seen. Sadly, the way one looks is significant in today’s society. One way it affects one’s life specifically is the amount of income they get. A study was done by professors Hamermesh and Biddle on detailing the different…show more content…
So, things like their relationships, the development of their physical abilities, and their studies and so on begin to suffer. Six out of 10 girls are now choosing not to do something because they don't think they look good enough. These are not trivial activities. These are fundamental activities to their development as humans and as contributors to society and to the workforce. Thirty-one percent, nearly one in three teenagers, are withdrawing from classroom debate. They're failing to engage in classroom debate because they don't want to draw attention to the way that they look. One in five are not showing up to class at all on days when they don't feel good about it. And when it comes to exams, if you don't think you look good enough, specifically if you don't think you are thin enough, you will score a lower grade point average than your peers who are not concerned with this.

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