Christianity In Beowulf

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Beowulf, has been recognized as one of the most epic, important Old English poems in literature history. It has been the oldest poems in history to survive and been translated by many people. The poem is based on warriors fighting for riches, redemption, and fame to become powerful. Journalist have said that Christianity and Paganism is a similar concept due to the elements shown in Beowulf. It portraits the medieval Scandinavian theme, and how the author viewed it in the tenth century, “In Beowulf we have ... an historical poem about the pagan past” (Tolkien). John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, known for being the author of some of the best-selling books, he shares his opinion on paganism and Christianity in Beowulf: The Monster and the Critics.…show more content…
Peers can have different opinions and values for themselves to view loyalty as a unique perspective. In Beowulf there’s a rule that they must follow, being that leader rewards his fighters with gems and protection and expects loyalty in return”. When Beowulf fought for Halfdane’s son he won, therefore he was waiting for a reward. As shown in the text,” Then Halfdane's son presented Beowulf with a gold standard as a victory gift… So, Beowulf drank his drink, at ease; it was hardly a shame to be showered with such gifts in front of the hall-troops (Beowulf, 1019-1026)”. It was no surprise for Beowulf because that was exactly what he anticipated. The plot and scenery were taken place in the medieval times. Tribes ensured that a fighter would be faithful to rulers by rewarding them with steeds, protection and the most important of all was fortune, gems and gold. Truth be told medieval warriors presumably just fought for gold, and valuable fortunes. That was the way fighters make their living. “The hall ran red with blood of enemies, Finn was cut down, the queen brought away and everything the Shieldings could find inside Finn's walls –the Frisian king's gold collars and gemstones swept off to the ship (1151-1156)”. In modern world I wouldn’t pay someone to be faithful to me, or to have their loyalty. Society has shaped loyalty as: If peers want to be faithful to you they can, without any rewards, protection,…show more content…
Soldiers have values to follow. Loyalty, honor, and integrity is much more than what Beowulf expected out of every victory he had. It is about being honest and having moral principles and fighting for your love ones. As the Dream of the Rood theme explains, loyalty is a very important factor. Even though Jesus Christ was being crucified, the Christians still cared for him, they were there for him, and went through the same pain as Christ like the rood. That showed loyalty and faithfulness without someone giving them fortunes, protection, or gold. “I shall dwell in glory… Share in their delight” (The Norton Anthology English Literature) . I’ve felt that the tree and people both went through exile because there was no hope left. Since Jesus Christ was tortured and murdered in the rood. The tree went through agony and depression because his savior had died in his arms. The poem and I are using personification because that’s how the rood is speaking and expressing himself. “Now, man so dear to me, you may understand that I have gone through grievous sufferings, terrible sorrow”. This shows a valuable message of how loyalty can be

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