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Beowulf creates a melting pot of Christian and pagan beliefs, bringing to light the Anglo-Saxons conversion from barbarians to civilized people. However, critics are at an impasse on whether or not this is really true. Some critics are of the mind that Beowulf is a pagan work with insignificant Christian influence while others believe it is fundamentally Christian with only minimal pagan influence. Both sides have strong arguments, and they also have different views on how and when Beowulf was written. Beowulf is a poem made many years ago. It was first told by a scop, mentioned by critics as the poet, and was retold by Anglo-Saxons for over five hundred years until it was finally written by a Christian monk. According to critic Tidmarsh C. Major, the poem was created after the Christian conversion (3). Others believe Beowulf was first told during the transition from paganism to Christianity. Nonetheless, Beowulf shows the beliefs of the people during its creation. Karl P. Wentersdorf supports this belief, stating that Beowulf is a production of how the poet's audience viewed the world (1). Friederich Klaeber also believes this assertion, but he feels that the scop failed to uphold the true view of the audience's world during the time of Beowulf's creation due to the fact that…show more content…
'Now must fire devour and scowling flames feed on the fearless warrior who often stood strong in the showers of iron as storms of arrows sped from the string, shot over the shield-wall; those shafts held firm as the feather-fittings eagerly followed the

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