Christianity And Islam Similarities

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Christianity and Islam share much in common, one of them is to have a historical connection because both originate from the Middle East. In addition, both religious traces of Abraham roots in them and consider themselves to be monotheistic. Prayer is an important part of both Christianity and Islam both religions believe that communication between God and a person are available only through prayers. Prayers can be performed at any time, even if the special times of prayer exists in order to ensure that you make it a habit to ask. Similarities There are many similarities in terms of prayer between Christianity and Islam. Both religion shows to worship and praise God / Allah in prayers such phrases as this prove it: the good, Allahu Akbar (Allah is the greatest, God is greatest), the Lord and more. Not only this, Christians and Muslims also pray to God / Allah's mercy. Moreover, Christianity and Islam pray to and worship only one…show more content…
In Islam, prayer is often held up as one of the five pillars and a mandatory duty for every Muslim. Islam focuses heavily on the fixed time to ask which is the opposite of Christianity. This is very important because it is stated in the Quran that Muslims must pray five times a day, and must meet the Mecca while reciting prayers (a practice called Salaat). Though there are very strict in Islam when it comes to the performance of the five daily prayers, because you have to complete the prayers regardless of the situation that you are in. But the prayers of Christianity is voluntary. Islam Guide goes into detail on the requirement and behavior is needed in prayers means that a Muslim should focus on making prayer valid by meeting the requirements set out in the Koran. Such as standing, bending down and think at the same time while sitting on the floor. During each posture, the person reciting or reading certain verses, phrases and
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