Christianity Vs Islam Research Paper

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Islam vs Christianity Christianity and Islam are the two most popular religions on earth. Both religions are believed to have originated from the Middle East. These two religions vary in history, beliefs and practice. However, they share some background. There is an interconnection between the two religions. Koran which is the holy book for Muslims has some verses that match with the Bible, the Holy Book for Christians. Both Christianity and Islam share similar backgrounds. Both share the belief of Judaism. According to both religions, God is the creator of the universe and He cares about the behavior and beliefs of human beings. In the recent centuries rivalry between Christian and Muslims has continued to grow. The interaction between the two religions has been relatively hostile. Questions have been raised as to whether the difference has been politically motivated or just religion. While most Christians are found in Europe, America and most parts of Africa. Majority of Muslims Are found in the Middle East and some parts of Africa. These nations have different ideologies that are usually oriented to the two religions. Islam as a religion started in 610CE. According to the Koran, God gave His first declared revelation to the prophet Muhammad at the cave of Hira. Prophet Muhammad…show more content…
In Islam, there are five pillars that create the core Islamic practices. A recitation of their fundamental belief is called Shahadah. Muslims also have to recite a ritual prayer, Salah, five times a day. Additionally, all Muslims travel to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, once in a lifetime. On the other hand, Christianity requires their followers to attend church on Sundays or Saturday depending on the denomination. All Christians should confess their sins. Activities in the churches include; praising Jesus and God, praying and offering sacrifices. They also celebrate Easter and Christmas to celebrate the life of

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