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On September 22, 2015 I went to watch a Christian drama film called War Room, directed and produced by Alex Kendrick. War Room was a wonderful Christian movie where a married couple, Tony and Elizabeth, seemingly had it all. They had the perfect jobs, a beautiful daughter, and their dream home. In reality, their marriage was a war zone and an absolute disaster for the entire family. Elizabeth meets an older, wiser woman Miss Clara in which gives her guidance. Elizabeth realizes she can fight for her marriage and her family instead of against them. Through the power of prayer and Elizabeth's change in faith, their lives take an unexpected turn for the better. All of the production elements that were used throughout this film really brought the…show more content…
It can set the tone of a scene and make or break how "good" a movie looks. Light can represent a feeling or a presence in the film. Lighting in the film War Room really brought out the bad and good in the movie. For instance, in one of the scenes the lighting was dimmed and darkened due to all the negative energy in the house. When Elizabeth realized it was time to fight for her family rather than against them she began to shout and give her heart and soul into the hands of Jesus, pushing the devil and all the negative energy out of her house. At that moment the lighting brightens, giving the audience the feel of positive energy rather than anymore of the negative…show more content…
It is used to demonstrate different aspects of setting, themes and characters. At the beginning of the film there was a long camera shot, giving the audience the general location of the film. It was far enough to let you see the entire city of Charlotte but also close enough to know that it was actually Charlotte. Also, there were a lot of full shots, mid shots, and close-up shots of the characters being filmed. The full shots were used to show the audience the character as a whole and the relationships between the different characters. Mid shots were used to see the characters face clearly and to see their interaction with other characters. For instance, when Elizabeth first met Miss Clara they had each character filmed from waist up, showing their interaction with one another. The close-up shots give the audience the opportunity to understand the actor and their emotions allowing them to be more involved and feel empathy for the character. While Elizabeth was in her “war room” where she wrote her prayers and spoke to God, they had close ups of just her face which gave the audience a more intimate relationship with character because we were able to see how she really felt at that moment through her

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