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How can one women act as a mother for more than 2,500 children . Ghettos were Hitler’s first step in towards what he would call the final solutions. Whole families were rounded up and forced to live in deplorable conditions, only to be separated went sent off to camps. The Warsaw Ghetto in Poland was one of the largest ghettos Irena Sendler save thousands of children from being sent to death camps. She played a vital role in getting children out of the Warsaw ghetto, and because of her action other took action. Sendler, and her team risked their lives to save children, instead of sitting back and doing nothing. The Nazi used a combination of Christian anti-Semitism, and the biological Semitism to light the fire in the German population that would lead to the Holocaust . The Nazis did not create anti-Semitism towards the Jews. From as far back as the days of the Roman Empire Jews had been persecuted. They were even blamed for the black plague. Christian anti-Semitism was still a staple in much of Europe, and the United states. They were…show more content…
All Jews living in Warsaw were to more into the Ghetto. By that November, the Ghetto was completely sealed off from the rest of the city. They build 10 foot wall with barbed wire around the whole ghetto. The Warsaw Ghetto was the largest ghetto in Poland. It is estimated that over 400,000 Jews were moved into the ghetto. The Ghetto it’s self was comprised of an area of 1.3 square miles . Two years after the Warsaw Ghetto was established the Nazis started putting their final solution in motion. This meant the beginning of mass deportation from the Ghettos to death camp. From the Warsaw Ghetto Jews were sent to Treblinka. A death camp made to look like an innocent train station in order to get people through the doors, and into gas chambers. The Warsaw Ghetto was liberated January 17, 1945 by the Soviet troops . During that time the people living in the ghetto faced harsh

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