Home Depot Swot Analysis Paper

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1). Home Depot’s corporate and business level strategies emphasis used to be on growth, but it has shifted to a strategy of improving operating performance in all of its stores and warehouses. Home Depot seeks to generate improved operational efficacies, while recommitting to customer service, and focusing on creating more family friendly neighborhood stores (Home Depot, 2015). Home Depot’s functional strategies emulate their competitive emphasis on customer service. In an effort to enhance the customer experience, Home Depot revised their store management policy and eliminated the stocking of shelves during the day. Home Depot also instructed their Human Resources Department to increase customer service training for their employees. Home Depot halted their efforts for growth in the United States; instead they…show more content…
Home Depot’s current marketing strategy is aimed at do-it-yourselfers, women, and families, opposed to male contractors in the past. Home Depot capitalized on economic shortfalls by changing its advertising strategy. Home Depot knew that because of the economy issues people were not in positions to take on such large jobs therefore they switched to focusing on the smaller jobs. Home Depot has since then changed the setup of their stores. They have added greeters at their doors, along with better lighting, it is less cluttered and they’ve added Martha Stewart products and other product lines that appeal to women (Home Depot, 2015). Home Depot has also changed their television and print ads to show families perusing the isles of their store. In addition to television and print ads, Home Depot also advertises on social media (Facebook and Twitter), internet, and YouTube. Home Depot also offers Do-It-Yourself workshops that are available on-line and in-store. Their marketing strategy is a good strategy. Home Depot wants to send the message that it is a great place for the entire family to shop and its doing what it takes to get that message

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