Pros And Cons Of A Zombie Apocalypse

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Zombies have been a very popular topic for quite a while. Everyone has been talking about these strange monsters that have inspired many shows, movies, books, toys, etc. Zombies are usually described as reanimated corpses that dug themselves out of their own grave, but that doesn’t make much sense. However, there are high possibilities for a “zombie apocalypse” to actually happen, but not in the way we all imagined it to be, with dead bodies roaming around craving brains and flesh. Research has shown that a zombie apocalypse is possible and could start from many things that cause zombie-like qualities. All the rage about zombies has really got people thinking, some believe that a zombie apocalypse is in no way possible but others are convinced that it could happen at any moment. Medical experts and academic journals have proved with evidence that it is, in…show more content…
The media portrays these zombies as reanimated corpses that dig themselves out of their own grave and start to crave fresh human flesh and brains. Although that could make a very great scene for a movie, it is not how it is bound to go down if it ever does happen. The way it is described by scientist is completely different from what the public imagines. A zombie-apocalypse will come from a virus. This virus could make its way into the human body many different ways but still “make it into the brain causing the person to go brain dead and react with zombie-like qualities” (AsapSCIENCE). Like AsapSCIENCE, many researchers have given reasonable possibilities of how this could happen. For example, Kyle Bishop explained how neurotoxins, poisonous or destructive substances that harm the nerve tissue, are a huge risk factor. “Neurotoxins make a lot more sense, especially if

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