Chicano Movement Research Paper

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The Chicano movement was the biggest Mexican American civil rights movement in its time. The Mexican community was fractured along the lines of legal status, citizenship, and language and still suffered inequality; the Chicano movement brought a whole different meaning to the word “justice”. Many issues were confronted such as farmer’s workers rights, better education, voting and being involved politically. This cause would have never happened without the great leadership and self-determination, which meant that Chicanos should have the right to exercise full political control over their territory or control of their community and thus being a guided principle. Only thru Chicano nationalism did this goal become achieved because self-determination…show more content…
In urban areas groups like the Brown Berets, this were a few groups that were formed by students as well, La Raza Unida party also became a widespread influence throughout the country. Not only were men a big part of this structural change but women were merely left out of the picture and created a sexism situation where most of the Chicanas felt left out and created a barrier between both of the genders, this gave rise to a critical change which the women felt unequal and unacknowledged, this emerged the Chicana feminist movement, this new form of protest of the Chicana became a statement for sexual equality and promoted the strength of women for speaking up and for fair treatment. The goal of these movements was to become aware of the instabilities and many concerns of the farm workers, increased labor activism, and the attention of educational and community

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