Cheap Fashion Globalization

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Globalization Argument Analysis The two articles, The High Price of Cheap Fashion, and Banana Corporation, have to do with globalization, which “is the process in which countries are linked to each other through culture and trade”(Kassan), and developing and developed nations. An example of globalization is the Silk Road. “The Silk Road connected Asia Africa and Europe beginning around 206 BC. They not only products but exchange ideas and culture spread along the route as well.” (Kassan).This shows that not only objects spread along this road, but culture spreads too. Over the past 100 years, people have grown closer together through culture and trade, making the world smaller and smaller, meaning having less and less diversity caused by…show more content…
It also tells you who's making the cheap fashion, for example the factory workers in Bangladesh, working in a non-safe building that collapsed, and the effects of the cheap fashion; that the material ends up wearing out a couple months after purchase and the consumer has to purchase the item again and again. The Banana Corporation argument is also effective because while the argument used more logic to put their claim across, like including the conditions these children worked in, including handling pesticides, the author also pulled at the heartstrings of the readers. However, an emotional claim for the appeal would've been more effective considering the conditions these children work in. The appeal could be similar to that of the ASPCA commercials, used to get people to join a cause. If the article appealed to the reader the same way as the ASPCA commercial, it would make more people feel motivated to help the cause, because they would feel upset about

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