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SUMMARY QUESTIONS External Anatomy 1. In detail record your observations of the external anatomy of the heart. Be as descriptive as possible (avoid using the descriptions included in the directions for the lab!). The sheep’s heart was big and covered in pale yellow fat. The interventricular septum separates the heart into the right and left sides and runs diagonally along the anterior side of the heart. The apex is the bottom tip of the heart. The left auricle, with a brown-purple color, is a flap projecting from the left atrium. Below the left atrium is the left ventricle. On the other side of the heart is the right ventricle with the right atrium above it, and the right auricle is located above the right atrium. The large aorta is found at the top part of the heart, with the superior vena cava slightly below it. The pulmonary…show more content…
DRAW and LABEL an internal view of the dissected heart showing the bicuspid and tricuspid valves. Label all chambers, valves and vessels. Please see drawing of sheep’s heart internal anatomy on second page. 7. Considering the heart you dissected, how may the appearance and texture of the valves change if atherosclerosis (plaque) was present? How may this affect heart function? Explain. If atherosclerosis was present, then the arteries and valves would be hardened and thickened due to the amount of plaque present. If the valves thicken, then blood may not flow as smoothly. Blood flow can also be blocked or reduced and can lead to heart attack or chest pain. 8. Considering the heart you dissected, how may the appearance of the ventricles change if the coronary vessels providing nutrients to these parts had atherosclerosis (build up of plaque)? Explain. If the coronary vessels had atherosclerosis (buildup of plaque), then the ventricles may shrink. This may happen because the blood is not flowing through properly due to the plaque blockage and the heart is not getting enough nutrients, leading to a ventricular

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