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1. Learning Outcomes 2. Multinational Enterprises (MNEs): Definition and Features 3. History and Evolution of MNEs 4. MNEs in the Global Economy 5. MNEs in India 6. Advantages and Disadvantages of MNEs 7. Summary 1. Learning Outcomes This module will help in understanding the following topics: • Multinational enterprises: Definition and its features. • History and evolution of MNEs • MNEs in the global economy • Advantages and Disadvantages of MNEs • Top most MNEs in India 2. Multinational Enterprises : Definition and Features There are various definitions of a multinational enterprise. Broadly, a multinational enterprise or a multinational corporation (MNC) refers to a giant firm that owns the production of goods or services in many…show more content…
MNCs have managerial headoffices in home countries, while they carry out operations in a number of host countries. 2. Citizens of the company's home country own a large part of the assets of the parent company. 3. The majority of its Board of Directors members are citizens of the home country. 4.The parent company is responsible for taking decisions on new investment as well as the local objectives. 5. MNCs exercise a great degree of economic dominance and are predominantly large sized. 6. MNCs control production activity with large foreign direct investment in many developed and developing countries. 7. MNCs are oligopolistic in character and are sustained by modern technologies, product differentiation, management skill and advertising.…show more content…
These large MNCs are based almost exclusively in advanced industrialized countries; ninety-nine of the 100 largest firms are from the United States, Western Europe, or Japan and more than 5/6ths of all parent corporations are based in

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