Character Analysis Of The Stripper

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CHARACTERS: TRACEY (30s) - A spirited yet discouraged stripper who wants a bit more in life. SLINKY (30s) - Tracey’s best friend and co-worker. GARE (30s) - A clean-cut guy, Tracey wants to have his baby. ELLEN (30s) - Gare’s “girlfriend,” very possessive of him. MAILMAN - Postal worker who catches Tracey in the mail truck. CABLE MAN - Worker who helps Tracey obtain the condom. SYNOPSIS: TRACEY (30s), is a discouraged stripper who wants nothing more than to have a stable life and a family. After a particularly discouraging performance, Tracey meets GARE (30s), a clean-cut stud who really stands out in a crowd of disgusting characters. The two hit it off and have a romantic eventing together which ends with Tracey spending the night at Gare’s place.…show more content…
Tracey goes back to Gare’s house for a visit later that day, but he is extremely surprised to see her again. While she is standing at the door, Tracey meets another woman, ELLEN (30s), who appears to be living with Gare. Gare believes that he knows why she is back, and gives Tracey some cash. Tracey becomes uncomfortable, realizing that Gare believes that she is a prostitute, and leaves. Tracey confides in Slinky once again, wondering why she can’t find a man who can commit to her. Jokingly, Slinky mentions that getting knocked up may be the only way to make a man stay. Tracey gets an

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