Stereotypes In The Best Man

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In the film The Best Man, it challenged Hollywood film industry’s stereotypical trend that began to only put African Americans in Urban or “hood” settings. This formula solely focused on the negative aspects of the assumed Urban life. This fresh, new film with its all black cast demonstrated the middle classes educated blacks and their constructed lifestyles. Although previously viewed films such as Shaft, portrayed that the urban or hood landscapes that blacks lived in were negative aspects that consisted of violence, drugs, and fear; The Best Man proved this theory otherwise. There are many different ways that his film could be interpreted or understood, after reading five different critics it now gives a better understanding and unique perspectives towards this film. Each critic had a different twist or message that they had picked up from watching the film, however, at…show more content…
It was pointed out that Lee still stereotyped African Americans throughout the film by having Harper’s sexual drive at an all time high and having the men at the bachelor party gawk at the women. Even Shelley’s boyfriend ended up hooking up with Candy, the stripper. However, the film changed the negative stereotypes and discriminations towards blacks living in horrible, urban or “hood” areas. Unlike the film Shaft who had Shaft as a sleek, successful man due to illegal, violent actions; Harper along with his friends were fortunate yet intelligent living in the opposite of a “hood” landscape. Additionally, the critic I would have to agree with the most would be Vorndam due to his analysis of both men and women and that the themes portrayed in the film could have easily been any one of any color or cultural background. It was interesting to read his review because while viewing the film I could not help but notice how the story line could be interchangeable with any

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