Chapter 8 Lord Of The Flies

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Lord Of The Flies, by William Golding is a novel that illustrates the humankind intrinsic evil nature. Golding describes the horror in civilization by fitting the topic into a tragic group of English boys lives. The plot of the story is about a group of boys stuck on an island after their plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean. When the stories main protagonist, Ralph, realizes that there are no adults that survived the plane crash, he goes on with his loyal and quirky friend Piggy to try and find other boys. This brings us to meet some of the main characters: Jack Merridew (a boy that becomes eager for power), Simon (who can be viewed as the most rational and intelligent boy on the island), Samneric (the twins), and Roger (who plays the role of a killer). As leaders are elected and people are lost, the boys struggle with conflicts surrounding dealing with the humans they become to be. The “Lord of the Flies” is what Simon calls the dead pig’s head in “chapter 8”. This can show that one of the stories main topics is violence. To break it down, Simon calls it that presumably because it was covered in flies. You could also say that another one of the main topics is the thrive for power, which is why Golding adds the word “lord”. The theme of this story is…show more content…
After this, Ralph makes Jack the leader of the hunters. The hunters are the group of older boys that hunted for food for everyone. Throughout the story, Jack becomes jealous of Ralph’s power/position and thinks that he would be a better leader. Ralph’s main concern at first is being rescued. He appoints people to start fires to create smoke signals for ships to see, but the responsibility is slowly left when Jack convinces most of the boys that it is much more fun to hunt than to make fires and build huts. The tension between Ralph and Jack would be the rising action of the
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