Impulsiveness In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Jack represents the impulsiveness, and inhumanity in everybody. Jack and his group of hunters, who were the choirboys tries rebel against Ralph’s leadership by being on their evil instincts. He brings together the hunters to show some of the boys, including Samneric who are in charge of watching the fire his new hunting skills. Samneric were on duty but joined jack and the hunters to hunt (Chapter 4, p. 63-64). Jack gets angry with Ralph when he tells Piggy that Jack would hide if the beast would ever attack him. Jack tries to convince the other boys to vote Ralph off as Chief. When they don’t go against him, he announces that he’s leaving and runs into the forest (Chapter 8, p. 127). He has one of his tribe members tied up and beaten for making him mad (Chapter 10). Jack likes to hunt and he chooses meat the hope of rescue that Ralph tries to keep. He even tries to get him off his position as chief so that he can become the leader. He gets mad because Ralph tries to make him seem like a coward and runs off to not show his embarrassment. To make things even worse he doesn’t know how to handle his…show more content…
Roger coming out of the jungle destroys some of the sand castles on his way to the beach with the help of Maurice (Chapter 4, p. 62). He tortures Samneric, throwing stones at them until they finally join the tribe (Chapter 11, p. 175). When he joins Jack’s tribe, he becomes the one who causes Piggy’s death, he lets go of a big boulder in Piggy’s direction (Chapter 11, p. 181). Roger is the person who likes to hurt other people. His reason of evil is different from Jack’s. Jack wants to be a leader and enjoys the rush from hunting, but Roger like to hurt others. Roger was to mask his urges, but he lost all of that control when he eventually kills Piggy. Roger finds pleasure in hurting others for his own reasons. Showing every reason to why inhumanity is a big issue in this

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