Lord Of The Flies Chapter Summaries

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Chapters 1&2 A group of English schoolboys crash-land on a deserted island while trying to escape the war. When a boy, Ralph, goes to a lagoon he meets a chubby boy with glasses named Piggy. They search around the beach and find a large pink colored conch shell. Ralph blows the shell and many boys gather to the beach. The boys age range from six to twelve. There are a group of choir boys on the island lead by a boy named Jack. The boys decide to elect a chief. The choir boys want Jack but the majority choose Ralph. Ralph decides that the island needs to be explored to find out more about it and to find food. In the start of chapter 2, the searchers return and inform the boys that there are no adults on the island and that they need rules. They decide to get a group of hunters to find food for the boys. One of the kids…show more content…
His nose is bloody and decides to go to the mountain. He sees the parachutist in the trees. He realizes that the boys are mistaking the body for a beast. Simon vomits at the sight of the body then frees it from the ropes. He goes to the beach to tell the boys that it isn’t a beast. When he arrives to the beach the boys are having a feast. The boys see Simon coming but don’t recognize him because he is dirty and stumbling around. When he gets to the beach they don’t give him a chance to talk, they start to tear him apart and bite him. They kill him. The body of Simon and the body of the dead parachutists floats away into the water. Chapter 10 starts with Ralph and Piggy walking on the beach on the morning after the attack. Jack’s tribe has expanded to most of the boys and has a new headquarters of castle rock. Jack mistreats his tribe and warns them about Ralph saying that he is a threat to the tribe. Many believe that Simon was just the beast in disguise. Ralph and his group drift off to sleep and are awakened by the screaming of Jack’s tribe raiding their camp for Piggy’s glasses; a way to start

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