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When most people think of a classic American crime duo, their first thought is Bonnie and Clyde. However, like most things in American pop culture, this tale has been stretched and skewed by the media to better fit into an ideal. This popular myth points the paints the picture of a glamourized couple wearing luxurious clothing, robbing banks side by side, with little to no fear of law enforcement. The truth of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow is much different than the myth. The reality of Bonnie and Clyde lies in examining and understanding their era, crimes, and death. First, to better understand the infamous duo an examination of their era must take place. At the beginning of the 1930’s, nearly half of the banks had failed and more than fifteen million Americans were unemployed. That is one fourth of all of those who were legally able to work, couldn’t. For those lucky enough to remain employed, wages fell and buying power decreased. People began mass migration to find work or a lower cost of living. Due to the rise in credit usage in the previous decade, foreclosures and repossessions climbed steadily.…show more content…
Most historians believe that it was Methvin that set up Bonnie and Clyde’s infamous murder scene. Melvin was separated from the group after killing an elderly man and kidnapping a police chief, who was later released. It was probably during this time that Methvin gave the officer direction that Bonnie and Clyde would be driving to Bienville Parish where their rendezvous point was. Six officers hid in the brush on a county road while Methvin’s dad played bait, pretending to fix his broken down car. However, the series of events that happened next remains a mystery; because, all 6 cops gave different stories to adhere to whatever agenda they had. No one is certain whether a fair warning was given or whether Bonnie and Clyde were legally classified as “shoot on sight”

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