Persuasive Essay On Transition To College

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It is the first day of school and students from all grades are slowly filing into the building. One particular group of students stands out from the rest: the senior class. These students have already been through the bulk of their classes, and depending on the track on which the previous three years focused, they only require one or two more credits to graduate: English and occasionally math. Yet these students are required to sit through elective classes not needed for graduation for a large portion of their day. Rather than making seniors stay at school all day with many classes they do not need to take, they should have the opportunity to only take their required classes and have a more college-like schedule, the ability to find a job with the help of the school during the time they are not obliged to be there, and if seniors desire more information or college credits, they should have the opportunity to take more coursework, such as dual enrollment and AP classes, in order to earn even more applicable college credit If this happens, seniors will be able to transition to college life, or working life, much…show more content…
However this is not true. Many people can “benefit more from attending a vocational or trade school, taking a gap year or pursuing an entrepreneurial path,” and many people who attend a four-year college fail to complete their degree (Powell). All of these people need to find jobs, yet if they receive the help of their schools to do so, then they could have the ability to go to college in the future if they wanted to. Classes that prepare students for adult life and more help with finding jobs would mean less young adults just barely making it by and more happy people not worrying for their

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