Why Should Tobacco Be Persuasive Essay

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Tobacco has been around for quite a long time and many people stopped smoking or are still struggling with it. There is many possible reasons why a person might die or come down with critical conditions. One of the possible reasoning’s for this is the smoking of tobacco. Being addictive to smoking effects people worldwide. If smoking was eliminated there is a good chance there would be less deaths prone to smoking. Smoking will not only effect you but it will also affect the people around you such as your family. Smoking does have a large impact on your life. Smoking tobacco should be ban for the fact that many pregnant women end up effecting their infant during pregnancy. The reasoning for this is because they begin to smoke beforehand and decide to have a baby and since it is so addictive it would be very hard to stop. Being a light or heavy smoker will still effect…show more content…
One of these is if smoking was banned you wouldn’t have to worry about a child getting a hold of it and choking on it. Another one of the largest mistakes recorded in 2003 was house fires. There was around 17,700 house fires, and the amount of money spent for repairs was $404 million dollars. There has also been fires in cars and work buildings. Not only would it just catch everything on fire but it could possibly even kill or injure people. (Thomas, page 14) “Additionally, insurance premiums may increase for everyone when companies try to recoup the money they pay out because of smoking-related fires.” This is meaning that the cost may increase because they chose to smoke and should’ve known the consequences of what may or may not happen. So if smoking was banned you would have one less worry of having to pay for the fire damages or the guilt of people becoming injured. If the person is unable to not smoke because it is a stress relive then they should smoke

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