Causes Of Pet Abandonment

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“7.6 million animals are abandoned each year.” According to, “12 alarming facts about pet homelessness.” Pet abandonment is terrible but true. What is pet abandonment? Well according to, “Animal abandonment law and legal definition,” “animal abandonment means leaving behind an animal alone or permitting the animal to be abandoned in circumstances which might cause harm to the animal.” In this you will learn about 3 chapters, abusement, preventing, and facts, all about pet abandonment. Abuse According to “ASPCA”, “An animal is abused every 10 seconds in this country, ” and according to, “Number of households in the U.S.,” their are 126.22 million households in the U.S.. Also, according to, “Factoid! Can you guess how many U.S. homes have…show more content…
First, well on the good side maybe it’s not abuse but maybe you don’t have enough money to buy food for your pet, so maybe your pet could start getting skinny, when a pet is skinny it looks kinda ugly, and that could lead to people not wanting to take care of that pet and, not saying everyone will but maybe some people will leave them on the side of the road. Also maybe owners are on a trip leaving their dog home alone for a couple nights. Dogs when they are home alone could get really scared and start bad habits, for example, according to, Tips for leaving your dog home alone, “Dogs that are left home alone may develop bad behaviors such as: scratching, biting or chewing on furniture and clothes, binge eating, or getting loose,” and when the owners come home seeing the house a mess they could get really mad and abuse the pet. Furthermore, the worst one, maybe the owners start not caring about their pet. Some people start acting like their pet is just a toy. When I was at my friends house once, her younger brother put their cat in a basket and chucked it down the stairs, also, according to, “Can good people neglect their pets,” by mySA, neglect can start by not bathing, grooming, searching for lice or fleas, or trimming their nails. When a parasite, attaches to your pet, it could burrow into its skin and it could give diseases, and people don’t want animals with diseases.Thats why not feeding feeding or caring for your pet could lead to diseases, this is abuse. Pets get abused in many different ways, left chained to a tree, physically hurting, and not feeding or caring for it. Animal abusement is horrible. Thankfully not everyone abuses animals, but 60% of the world abuses dogs, 5% tortures pets, 10% poisoning, and many worse

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