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Step I: Select a broad area of study that interests you from within your academic discipline. Korean drama 1Korean drama (Hangul: 한국드라마; RR: hanguk drama) or K-drama refers to televised dramas (Hangul: 드라마; RR: deurama) in the Korean language, made in South Korea. Why I choose to do this topic? Because I am a person that really loves to watch Korean series, especially the drama is about doctor or medical drama. It is very exciting and I can observe their work how they do. In addition, I also can observe how they work hard to get a lot of information and will to do each drama. But our Thai drama has not really done like this, as we see most of all Thai drama is about lover, general life and so on. So from this, I would love to study and…show more content…
b) What do they think about Korean culture as lover, working, food, value through TV drama c) What kind of drama do they like Step V: On the basis of your research questions, formulate the main objective and the sub objectives of your study. Main objective (the main focus of your study): 1. To Study the success of Korean dramas and survey the students opinion to take those strategies to adapt in Thai dramas As you can see, the Korean drama is very popular for Thai teenage. There are many several kinds of drama that are interesting. Most of the plays are about a doctor, a detective, a lawyer, a journalist, a warrior, etc. All of these also are latent specialized knowledge in drama. For this reason, if we know about the reason why Thai teenage would love to watch Korean drama more than Thai drama, we will know the needs of them about drama style and find the way to develop and adapt Thai drama to be better and make revenue to enter the country instead. Sub objectives (specific aspects of your study): a) How to adapt the plays to be fascinating and be a benefit for every age b) What are the strategies of Korean drama that impact to

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