The Relationship Of God In Elie Wiesel's 'Night'

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Elie Wiesel’s, Night, unravels the journey of a young Jewish boy struggling to resolve his muddled religious beliefs during the Holocaust. The story begins in the small Hungarian town of Sighet when a young boy whose name is Elie sets out on a journey of religious discovery. Every free moment of the boy’s life is dedicated to his study of Kabbalah. Until one-day German soldiers enter Sighet and begin to load citizens into cattle cars, to later be sent off to an unknown location. In a twisted turn of events, Elie lands in the middle of a world full of death and devastation. He spends the next several months in German concentration camps witnessing death, as well as, suffering from physical and mental abuse. Throughout the book, Night by Elie Wiesel, Elie’s opinion of God changes significantly due…show more content…
Through his time in concentration camps, Elie is put through tests of physical and mental strength, which pushes him to his breaking point. The trauma of these experiences is enough to make Elie question the existence of God. His childhood was devoted to his faith, but by the time Elie is rescued he barely believes that God is real. Nevertheless, Elie never loses his faith and continues to pray to God in his old age as Abramowitz witnesses; “[...] hugging a Torah scroll wrapped in blue velvet, Elie Wiesel dances in a tight circle with his friends and sings songs of praise to the God he has so often challenged. Wiesel is glowing. Gone is the trademark somber look that is natural chiseled in his sullen, handsome face. It is Simchat Torah, but for Wiesel it is more- it is his birthday” (Abramowitz 1). No matter the countless disputes Elie has with God, he remains proud of his religion and happily devoted to his God. Elie’s faith in God weakens with every hardship he and his fellow Jews are challenged within the concentration

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