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Language The city's population speaks a wide variety of the nation's main languages, specifically: Tagalog, Sambal, Kapampangan, Pangasinan, Ilocano, and the modernized mixed language called Taglish (portmanteau of Tagalog and English). Many more languages are also spoken from other denominations of people. Aetas generally speak Sambal, which is also largely spoken by the Christian lowlanders of the municipality of Botolan. Tourism Olongapo has some interesting landmarks that have become major tourist attractions. One of those is Ulo ng Apo -- located in the Bajac-Bajac rotunda, it is a large sculpture depicting the head of a native chief. This is a homage to the natives who inhabited the area more than a century ago. Another landmark worth…show more content…
In terms of electric power average monthly consumption, industrial connection is the highest of 28,145 kWh followed by commercial of 856 kWh and residential of 193 kWh. Beside the production of electricity and distributing it to whole city there is still areas who are not reached by the power including the Indigenous Community who are far from the nearest electricity resource. The project can provide electricity to these communities and help to the productivity of the city, Solid Waste Management The City utilize 240-liter and 660-liter waste bins and collected by 10 compactor and dump trucks, It operates on a 3-shift garbage collection service; day shift, swing shift and graveyard. The City also Operates an Open Dumpsite Facility and currently being developed into a Sanitary Landfill it disposed solid waste of 120-130 tons/day. These solid waste can be used in producing biochar through pyrolysis process, therefore the solid waste management of Olongapo City can be more effective.

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