Argumentative Essay On Teenage Drinking

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Teenage Binge Drinking Alcohol is the most commonly used recreational drug in Australia because its status, people don't tend to think of alcohol as a drug or comprehend how harmful it can be. Alcohol is the largest cause of drug-related deaths amongst Australian teenagers. Binge drinking can have several different denotations; the most common characterizations of "binge drinking" is planning to get drunk on purpose. Irregular bouts of heavy drinking of alcohol can cause the memory of the night before to fade. Binge drinking has also been associated with many health problems including: heart disease, depression, liver disease, stroke and alcohol poisoning. Teenage binge drinking damages a part of the brain. Professor Selena Bartlett, from…show more content…
Adolescence is the key period of growth and development, with the brain also changing immensely during this time. The second text uses logos to demonstrate the damages of binge drinking explaining this dangerous habit and how it will affect teens and the damage is irreversible. Wanting to shock teens and parents to act now before it's too late, ending up with an adult that's still at home at 30 years old, due to poor decisions made in…show more content…
The article involves a technique that's called segments, which is a marketing term for separating the target audience into groups according to criteria. This criterion is information on how the audience will respond to the message, they are trying to make a difference too and spread awareness. In both portrayals of teenage binge drinking, each one has different target audiences and tactics. Text one is a video that talks about drinking responsibly and talking directly to teenagers as it will relate certain situations to them, parties, hanging out with mates, drinking to fit in and how not drinking causes fear of being alone. Text 2 tells parents and teens the facts, using logical explanations and truth, trying to provoke changing habits of binge drinking by using fear hoping to prevent it from happening in the first place. Both texts display different techniques of how they portray their

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