PEST Analysis Of Timberman Loging Company

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Section 1 PEST Analysis Section 1.1 Social Environment Things outside and around business are business environment, and social environment is “the aggregate of social and cultural institutions, forms, patterns, and processes that influence the life of an individual or community. (Pathak, 2014)” To put it in other words, social environment is related to people, and it includes demographic and cultural. Social environment has large influence on business, and the details are as follow. Firstly, using different criteria to divide people in groups is called demographic such as gender, age, income and so on. It is very important for business to pay attention to. If business knows well about them, it can help business to set target market, and to…show more content…
Strengths 1. This company had 40-years history, and it has international market in USA. 2. This brand is well-known in its field because of the good quality of wood and the good reputation of company. 3. The management in this company is good, so every apartment is efficient and run well with each other. Weakness 1. The workforce is little, because the population in British Columbia is not enough. 2. The technology of logging is not very advanced and efficient, because this company doesn’t have enough high-tech machines. There are two opportunities for “Timberman Logging Inc.”: Firstly, there are rich lumber resources in British Columbia (BritishColumbia, 2013), so it is easy for this company to find lumber. Secondly, in general, Hamilton said that “lumber in British Columbia is usually used for construction such as farming for concrete forms.” Besides, there will be 4.5 million new housing units in Gulf Stats by 2020, so the demand of lumber will be on the rise (Hamilton, 2013), which means it is a good opportunity for “Timeberman Logging Inc.” to make profits by selling…show more content…
Firstly, this company should make good use of the rich natural resources, but they should also pay attention to the environmental-friendly logging at the same time, so that they could use these resources for long time without serious environmental damage. Secondly, there will be huge market for lumber because of the increasing demand, so this company should spare some efforts on advertising, and as for supplier, they should try to set up long-term relationship with big companies. Lastly, the logging equipment is not very advanced in British Columbia, so they would better invest money in the purchase of logging equipment from other countries such as America. Only by following these recommendations, can “Timberman Logging Inc.” develop better in British

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