Arranged Marriage In American And Indian Cultures

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Arranged marriage is a very controversial thing when looked at from the American perspective. Even though American and Indian cultures are different Americans still question the reason behind why anyone would want to be in an arranged marriage. If an Indian couple chose to take marriage into their own hands it greatly endangering their livelihood and their future, American and Indian cultures are very different and how marriage affects your entire life however arrange marriage would benefit the American culture because it is takes a family to make a marriage successful. Serena Nanda came to the conclusion that taking marriage and your own hands is it huge risk. There are many reasons for this. First of all you're a young person and you don't…show more content…
Your parents have so much more life experience and know what it takes to have a successful marriage. Another great thing about arranged marriage is you don't have to stress over meeting new people or dating. You get to enjoy life and concentrate on school and work without having a huge stressor in your life. Your parents do all the hard work for you. In America a teenager feels pressured to be popular with the opposite sex. This can cause self-esteem issues and unnecessary stress during their adolescence. With arranged marriage there's no need to worry about any of that. At first Serena worried about how you are supposed to know if the person your family picked for you is a good person. In arrange marriage your parents investigate the other parties family thoroughly, they don't just take the other families word the go out and talk to the community and do an investigation. The parents are only going to agree to marry the children if the families are liked…show more content…
The culture of America is a mix of different cultures, the Indian culture is very unique and has its own values. The biggest difference between American and Indian culture is in family relations. The Indians are very much family oriented while the Americans are very individual oriented. In Indian culture, the family values are much more important than the individual values. Indians have a great respect for family values. While in American culture the individual values are more important than the family values. Indians have a great commitment to their family whereas the Americans have a great committed to themselves. With the huge emphases on your family, your family is your support system form finding a job, finding a house, and your social circle. So essentially having a good family support system is key for being successful. Another big difference in India is that women are more oppressed in India than in America. They usually stay at home and raise children and do housework. Even though there is an increasing number of women in the workforce now some professional and some low-wage workers it is nothing compared to the women in the American workforce. These are just a few of the differences between Indian culture and American

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