Persuasive Essay On Assisted Suicide

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Assisted Suicide Everyone loves life, at least at some point in their life. However, in some cases, a person may suffer to an extent that they want to die and forget all the suffering they encounter in this life. Often, people are exposed to situations or substances during their lifetime that predispose them to debilitating diseases or conditions in their later lives. For instance, those working or researching on radioactive elements or materials such as X-rays may develop certain diseases such as skin cancer. Some also suffer accidents during which they lose their hearing, eyesight, arms, legs and other vital organs. These losses are often accompanied by unrelenting pain and untold suffering. In some cases, people suffer from diseases from…show more content…
It is debatable whether physicians should be allowed to terminate the lives of terminally ill patients if requested by the family, especially in jurisdictions where, assisted suicide in the presence of properly executed legal documents is permitted (Andre & Velasquez, 45). Although suicide is not a crime, mainly because the perpetrator must be dead already, ethical issues arise when the issue of whether laws sanctioning assisted suicide should be passed and activated or not emerge (Kluge, p. 83). This issue has generated quite fiercely debated moral…show more content…
These people are permanently incapacitated and cannot function in normal and dignified human way. In fact, these patients’ only desire is to die and evade their pain-filled, degrading and deteriorating lives. As human beings, we should always strive towards alleviating other peoples’ pain and to do so in a manner that dignifies life. When terminally ill and incapacitated patients and relatives plead for assisted or merciful suicide to end their pain and indignity, it would appear cruel and heartless to ignore their cries (Paterson, p. 30). Human compassion should encourage compliance and cooperation with their

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