Cast Away

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The movie cast away is an unbelievable story of a man who fights for his life on a stranded island. This movie isn’t all about his valiant effort to escape the island, but we learn a lot throughout the course of the film. According to Maslow’s hierarchy theory – human needs start from the most basic to the most abstract. These needs are portrayed through the movie Cast away: Physical Survival Needs- Maslow starts his theory by placing needs at the first level. This includes basic human needs like air, water, food, shelter etc. In Cast Away, we learn that Chuck after being stranded on the island resorts to finding these through eating raw fish and cracking coconuts for water. Safety And Protection Needs- This suggests that humans need shelter for survival after…show more content…
Although Chuck had no one to interact with, he found his friend and happiness in the form of a football named ‘Wilson’. It may seem strange but Chuck fulfilled this need by having conversations with Wilson. Self Esteem- The third level focuses on the individual’s value and respect for himself as well as that he receives from others. Once again, Chuck only has conversations with Wilson, but that motivates him to create fire. He then brags about his effort and exchanges his happiness with the ball. Self-actualization- This is the most abstract need according to Maslow. This involves one understanding and perfecting their own talent and skills and masterting themselves. Initially when Chuck is stranded, his hunting and fishing skills are awful. He cannot create fire and is in dire need of water. As the movie progresses, he is able to master his hunting and fishing skills through years of practice. He even creates fire after several failed attempts. Throughout the film, we notice the six kinds of forms that do not involve real listening in which humans engage frequently in communication. This

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