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Black holes, what a strange phenomenon. I would say they are one of the most interesting celestial bodies out there. How they are formed and what they can accomplish is fascinating. First of all how are black holes formed? Well this ride is a roller coaster, I’ll tell you what. When a red giant star is done with its life it explodes creating a supernova. While most stars end up as white dwarfs or neutron stars, only stars 10 to 15 times the mass of our sun can become black holes. It blasts part of that star into the void of space but it leaves behind a large “cold” remnant. In order for a star to function it needs to produce nuclear fusion, which a dead star obviously doesn’t. Nuclear fusion creates continuous energy and outward force and its own gravity pulls inward towards the star. Now since the star isn’t producing nuclear fusion it isn’t producing an outward force, meaning that gravity wins inward and the star…show more content…
General theory of relativity, gravitational lensing, time dilation, and wormholes, all coming up next. First up gravitational lensing. That is when light is bent. Imagine a 2-D plane now put a ping pong ball right next to a beam of light. Now put a bowling ball next to a beam of light. Which ball would “sink” more. The bowling ball. Since the bowling ball has more mass it has more gravity, bending space itself. So instead of the beam of light going in a straight line it is now curved towards the star or ball. But that’s gravitational lensing for stars. How about black holes. Well the principle is the same, light bends. Say the accretion disk is orbiting the black hole. From our perspective the accretion disk would be warped. So it would appear to be above, below and in front of the black hole. (You should look up “black hole from Interstellar” to get a sense of it.) That’s gravitational

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