A Day In The Life Of The Deaf Analysis

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Name: Paige Parrinelli Testimonial #1- A Day in the Life of Someone who is Deaf, Part 1-Martha, 4th Grader The video begins with Martha talking about her day. She describes what she does after she wakes up; she uses the bathroom, combs her hair, brushes her teeth, gets dressed and goes to school. Martha attends the North Carolina School for the Deaf. She describes it as being different from normal public schools because all of the students and teachers sign instead of speak. After school, Martha goes home and enjoys some free time. She describes a number of activities she likes to do, including watching TV, playing video games and listening to music. Martha also talks about some of her favorite school subjects. She mentions that she enjoys…show more content…
She begins her video by describing her typical day. She wakes up early in the morning, gets ready for school, gets her medicine from the infirmary, eats breakfast and then goes to class. Her classes include typical middle school subjects, like math, reading, science as well as American Sign Language. Jabrina states that attending a regular public school would be harder for deaf students, and that deaf students would have to use an interpreter to communicate. She believes she can be more independent at her school since everyone communicates with sign language. Jabrina then moves on to talking about her favorite school subjects. She says she loves reading, but doesn’t care for her math classes. After that, Jabrina goes on to describe the rest of her usual school day. She explains that after school, students go back to their dorms and do their homework. They then go to dinner at 5:30, and then have gym time from 7 until 8:30. Jabrina finishes talking about her school day by saying that she goes to bed around 9:30. She then moves on to talking about how she interacts with her friends. Jabrina explains that her friends use both sign language and texting to communicate with each other. Next, Jabrina talks about some of the things she and her friends do on weekends, such as going on field trips or shopping. After that she talks about some of her biggest challenges. Jabrina says that one of them is fast food…show more content…
The mention of the drive through was something that caught my interest in his video because it had been brought up in Julian and Jabrina’s videos as well. With the increase of videophone, camera and smart technology, I believe it will not be long before fast food restaurants will be able to put viewable screens in drive through lanes. If restaurants choose to do this it would probably be a great relief to the deaf community, since the drive through issue seem to be a major pet peeve. Another topic from this video that caught my eye was the fact that Detoine was taking a broadcasting class. When I think of broadcasting, I think of TV and my image of TV includes sound. This makes me wonder if Detoine’s broadcasting class has an audio-related portion that Detoine may not be able to fully participate in. This subject also makes me wonder how deaf individuals might have to work around not being able to hear in the work place. Are there special accommodations that might have to be made for a deaf person, depending on what kind of job they have? The fact that Detoine enjoyed going clubbing was also a topic that made me think. I remember reading that deaf people often enjoy music because they feel the beats and rhythms. This is a topic I think I would enjoy researching further, since it’s not something many people would expect a deaf individual to enjoy. Finally, I would

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