First Impressions Of Alyss

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In the beginning of the novel, Alyss is characterized as immature,know it all, and naive. Alyss thinks that she already knows everything such as when she says, “I don't need any lessons. I’ll just imagine that I already know everything.”(Beddor 26). Along with thinking she is smart enough to be queen she can be a little immature such as “At the sight of Alyss shout “run!”...She used her imagination to lift him in the air. This was not how she should have been using her imagination and she knew it.”(33). The reader would infer that she is being immature and not correctly using her imagination. Alyss shows in the book that she is very naive when “Too much was happening and none of it good. But Dodge was with her. She had him. As long as Dodge

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