Caring For People God's Way Analysis

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After reading this chapter, I have found a new understanding of the term and emotion which is anger. Personally, I always strive to have mastership over my emotions rather than my emotions to have control over me. In Caring for People God's Way, "Most people have no idea that anger is a secondary emotion that is usually experienced in response to a primary emotion such as hurt and fear" (Clinton, 2005, p. 204). Anger is evident in someones response depend upon on their actions, tone, contact, and very seldom people realize that anger is a masked emotion that disguises the raw and realness of what the issue is. Underneath the surface, theirs always an emotion much stronger than the emotion itself, such as, fear, depression, hurt, yet, vulnerability…show more content…
The "cream puff" is passive about their emotions and is sensitive to their environment and the feelings of others, however, it does not solve the cause of why their emotions are repressed. Repressed emotions only remain when we do not have the need to confront them. Unfortunately, "they can become so focused on hearing what everyone else has to say that they fail to hear what the Lord has to say-" (Clinton, 2005, p. 207) its sad that at times people can become so easily dissuaded by their loves and miss the calling or purpose God has for you. I would encourage one to be sensitive to what ones heart is yearning for and even more sensitive to the heart of God. The "locomotive" primary focus is about expression and usually its explosive. If one decides to express their emotions its considered healthy, but when one crosses the border with destruction its detrimental. I would encourage someone in this case, to channel ones anger into more productive causes that would promote growth and maturity. Lastly, the "steel magnolia" is a passive aggressive creature that is soft and hard in the same breath. He or she walks a thin line of uncertainty over life, emotions, and one's self. I would encourage this individual to say what you mean and mean what you say-so to speak. Confusion does not only confuses other people, but yourself as well and God is not a God of confusion. If one decides to be honest with your day, how you feel whether good or bad, one could make gradual progress in the healing

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