Career Or Calling Speech

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Good afternoon Mdm Koh, Mr Mui, Mr Kong, teachers and fellow secondary three students. I am Nicole from class 3E1 and I am here to give you a speech on job, career or calling Today in the hall, I will like to start with one question, should work be a job, a career or a calling? Today, the three main points of my speech are how job should be considered as work as it is about the salary, how calling should be considered as work as it is about the passion for a job and lastly why is career not considered as work. Ten years later, all of you here will consider on a job to feed your own family. Ten years later, all of you will find your passion for a career you really want and ten years later, you will be in a position for finding your own career. Firstly, work should be considered as a job because we have to earn money in order to feed our family and have a good social identity. Without a job, there will not be any salary and without salary, the person working may not have enough money to provide for daily necessities, house bills or even one's own spending.For example, in a family, only the patriarch of…show more content…
Therefore, a calling should be considered as work. We should always enjoy working for our career to do work with great performance . Working with great performance will have a better impression from your boss and therefore, getting a higher paid salary. Not only you can enjoy working with great interests, you get to learn more as when you are passionate for things you like to do and you will always do your best and ace in it. For example,an astronaut is suppose to research and find water on mars. Everytime he fails and he kept trying and not giving up because he loves his job and he is passionate for it. He will keep trying until he found the water on mars. Thus, It is important for work to be a calling as it is the passion we give for our
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