Adolf Hitler Turning Points Essay

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Adolf Hitler was one of the most powerful and evil men in the 20th century. He was a great man and leader who had many ideas to help his society, but ruined it by becoming dictator, causing the holocaust, and starting WW2. Hitler was born on April 20, 1889. He left home because he was having a bad start. His father died and his mom never had money, which caused him to move too Germany in December 1909, where he would start his new life. When WW1 came, he enlisted to serve in the German army. He was accepted in August 1914 even though he was an Austrian citizen. Even if he wasn’t in the front lines all the time, Hitler was a Corporal and was wounded at the ending of the war by Mustard gas. He was then sent to the military hospital. When the…show more content…
People were immediately interested in Hitler and the ideas that he had. They would come and see him give speeches and also they would believe everything he did. The turning point of Hitler’s career occurred at one meeting held on October 16, 1919. Hitler’s emotional delivery of an important speech caught his audience and it help move a step further to being a leader. Also, since the economy in Germany was very terrible, his party grew larger with over 56,000 members and supporters. Hitler even started to begin attacking Jew at this time because he always thought they were no good. Many people enforced his anti-Semitic. Soon after this, Jews were treated way differently like less jobs for them and less political life. All the Germans problems were blamed on the…show more content…
While this was good thing he did this with propaganda and made enemies like Jews so that people could start following his steps. Hitler was a very strict man. He wanted the people to not drink alcohol or eat meat so that the German bodies were pure and not have any unclean substances in them. Also he started to separate the jews from the non-jews by creating laws. New laws banned non-Jewish to marry Jewish people and the non-Aryans or ,germans, got more benefit to the german citizenship. Hitler believed that the blonde with blue eyes (germans) were the ultimate race and he wasn't even

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