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Talent is possessed by everyone everywhere but the difference is that in India one needs to do a lot of hardship to gain success and recognition. We have a lot of talent but not enough resources to utilize it. In India talent does not come in front because of the lack of confidence and opportunities that people face. Just this year in BRICS 10 of our institutions ranked in top 100, IIT being one of them. In one of his visit to India Barack Obama, when visited IIT institute he was shocked to see such young talents there. He said that India was mining the best engineers there. He said that his country was lacking a lot behind in this. We make the best doctors, IITians, researchers but they gain their theoretical knowledge and go to other countries…show more content…
Some because of the caste system and some due to the lack of opportunities here. People today prefer to go abroad to exploit their talent and to explore the opportunities there. Even in modern times, guys like Sam Pitroda(unsung hero of our first modernisation), Manmohan Singh and RaghuramRajan were brought to help India after seeing their accomplishment elsewhere. For some people, the stint abroad is a time to learn new concepts, time to get the momentum in individual careers and time to get identified in populations much smaller than ours. The challenges that we face are: 1.Not good institutions here:Now-a-day even students in our country prefer to go abroad for study. An important reason for that is lack of good institutions in India and growing competition for limited seats among the existing institutes. Very few institutes in India provide good quality education and thus the challenge of securing admission in them becomes more daunting each year. Moreover the reservation policy reduces the availability of seats to ‘general’ category students. Such stringent and often unrealistic requirements put students through extreme levels of pressure and lower their chances of attaining quality

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