Can Students Be Paid To Excel Analysis

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“Next Question: Can Students be Paid to Excel?” by Jennifer Medina brought forward a unique and different way to motivate and encourage elementary students to do better in school, by rewarding with money for doing well on their standardized test. The issue of rewarding students with materialistic things such as money, gift certificates, food, and etc. has two different views. One side view of this issue believes that students should not be rewarded in such a manner as motivation and encouragement should come from within and it will not be a good idea in the long term. Meanwhile, the another side viewing this issue believes that rewarding students with money will encourage and motivate them to do better in school as they will be gaining something materialistic rather an just a letter on their report cards; they will have something to look forward to. As this is a debatable topic, 16 college students from Sacramento City College gave their opinions,…show more content…
Rewarding students with materialistic things is not a wise idea and has not been fully thought through. If students are taught to expect a materialistic reward for every good score, they will be disappointed in the rest of their academic journey and eventually lose motivation. By rewarding students with materialistic things, they will eventually lose motivation and encouragements in their education and, in any case, motivation and encouragement should come from within. “…they won’t have that same motivation they once had to earn money so they might just stop trying in school” (Garcia). Students will no longer have the same amount of motivation as they once did for obtaining good grades and could stop trying in school when they are older and no longer gaining materialistic rewards for their good grades. “I feel that the

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