African Hair Controversy

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Next to skin color, hair is one of the most visible stereotype a black women has. There is no other group of people in the world, today, who experience so much controversy about their hair as we black women. The African race is the only race with hair that grows up and out instead of down. With our unique hair structure comes challenges that started as early as the 1600s when slaves from africa were shipped to the Americas. Physically, socially, economically, and stylistically, black women’s hair is, indeed, not just hair. It is a big deal to society and sparks serious debates. In the early years before Africans were being brought to America, they were happily living in their country. They used their hair as a way to express themselves. In west Africa, people…show more content…
It is a place to talk and debate about current issues. When I go to hair salons I often hear much drama about people's lives. I often go to hair salons to get my hair straightened without the use of chemicals. The only thing I hate about getting my hair straightened is the heat that comes from the flat iron. I always get nervous that the flat iron will burn me. Typically people that have African hair use higher heat to straighten their hair than white people. The only problem with that is some hair salons are trained mainly to do caucasian hair. For example, once I went to that salon in Wal-Mart to get my hair blow dried then straightened, since they are supposed to know how to do hair of all ethnicities hair. The lady who did my hair was white, which isn’t a problem, the problem was she wasn’t turning the flat iron heat up high enough to straighten my hair. The reason for that is because her boss told her that if she saw heat coming out of the flat iron then is was too hot. I’m use to having heat come out of the flat iron. When I go to black hair salons the beauticians have those flat irons

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