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According to Gillie Jenkinson, “a cult is a group that is unorthodox, esoteric, and has a devotion to a person, object, or a set of new ideas. Cults are powerful bodies that use potent psychological techniques to entrap their victims.” (2013). In today’s society, cults are nothing that we haven’t heard of before. In fact, some cults are even mainstream and are commonly accepted throughout the globe. Many people have different ideas of what a cult actually is. Some cults are even seen as beneficial and helpful. However, the cult that will be presented in this paper will ultimately shed light on the impairments, turmoil a cult can actually cause. In 1968, David Berg founded a group called “Children of God”, later recognized as “The Family International”. David Berg incorporated the fundamentals of the Christianity belief system along with his own idea of what the church should be like. Ultimately, he merged these Christian principles and decided to unify it with his own set of particular sexual fantasies, and a few of his individual ethics. After a few years, his religious group grew, changing their name a few times until they finally stuck with “The Family”. The Family…show more content…
This caused some of the more traditional Christians to leave the group, being that the bible forbids non-martial sex. However, quite a few members remained, and even more joined. The babies that came as a result of Flirty Fishing were known as “Jesus babies”. According to Zuckerman, “the group encouraged you to have a lot of kids as fast as you could.” (2011). On top of encouraging sex before marriage, Berg condoned Incest. He wrote, “Marriages of brothers and sister, mother sons and even fathers and daughters were very common in ancient times, and were not considered incestuous, much less illegal. (Shepherd,

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