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In this essay I will be discussing the techniques that were used by film makers during the era that is known to us as the Golden Age of Hollywood. I will also be giving a very detailed briefing of the history of this era, which entails the duration of the era, how exactly the era started and why and also be talking about the technological innovations during this era. I will also be discussing the different acting methods and styles that were used during the Golden Age of Hollywood. The Golden Age of Hollywood lasted for almost 30 years [1930 – 1959]. I will now be giving you more information on the Golden Age of Hollywood. In doing my research I realised that this one specific point kept on popping up and that was that the whole Hollywood…show more content…
Speaking about the ordinary people I might as well bring in what I really want to talk about and that is the movie that really caught my attention when I actually decided to watch it and this was something we talked about in Theatre History. This movie is called, On the Waterfront. This film was extremely successful. It is a story about a boxer or rather a ex – boxer who works on the docks and decides to fights against union violonce and corruption. To me this story is about ordinary people and it's about issues that we don't really hear about a lot but it is about something that we all know exists. Other than just the themes in this screenplay I feel like the acting style is revolusionary and maybe it is because of the actor, Marlon Brando, and the way he approached the words and the acting style he used,which is method acting. This performance was so good that the director,Elia Kazan said that is was the finest thing ever done by an American actor. Now as an actor I feel like if someone says that or at least something slike that about your performance then I think you definitely did a good job,you definitely did

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