Comparing Masculinity In A Coward And The Undefeated

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The definition of masculinity; is a possession of the qualities traditionally associated with men. This definition sets standards against other men. By tradition, a masculine man is someone who is engage in what society depicts as manly behaviours, such as behaving courageously, involving oneself in sports, and what other activity society labels as manly. Hence, this essay tackles the representation of men in “A Coward” by Guy de Maupassant and “The Undefeated” by Ernest Hemingway. It focuses on the protagonists’ pursuit of recognition and triumph. In “A Coward”, Guy de Maupassant focuses on the effect of egocentricity versus reality. The main character, Vicomte Gontran-Joseph de Signoles, is an orphan who came upon a great fortune from…show more content…
Yet, the initial applause is not for him, but for another, younger bullfighter Hernandez. It could be one of the reasons that Manuel tried so hard to prove he is still worthy just like the young matador. It took Manuel five tries to stab the bull. The first four times, his sword either bends or bounces off, he continues fighting the bull. Although Manuel eventually kills the bull, despite being severely wounded himself, he is a laughingstock. The situation and events strip him of what little status as a bullfighter remains. While Manuel lies on the operating table, Zurito raises a pair of scissors to cut off Manuel's coleta, a small pigtail only matadors cultivate to show their status. Which symbolically end Manuel's bullfighting career. At the beginning, Manuel’s coleta is “pinned forward […] so that it would not show” (Hemingway, 184). Zurito vows to cut it off if he does not perform well, cutting it. Zurito claims he was just joking, and the story ends with Retana quickly losing interest and Zurito staying to watch over Manuel. In addition, the swords used during the bullfight symbolizes his impotence in performance. These symbols further strengthen the argument of which men risks their all to be labeled as masculine, no matter what is at

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