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The day was May 3rd, 1469, when Niccolo Machiavelli was born in n Florence, Italy. As a former Diplomat of the Florentine Republic, Machiavelli wrote what is known to be “the most famous book on politics ever written”(book intro) after he was expelled from political duty and curtly sent to jail by Lorenzo de’ Medici’s comeback. This harsh act would then be known to spark Machiavelli’s interest in Roman History and political treatise and create The Prince. Machiavelli’s book is an analytical guide to further understand the 16th century monarchical rule and, therefore, societies reaction and living conditions that endure it. It is therefore said that Machiavelli, himself, has found inspiration and intention to write this book through the careless mistakes carried out by Medici. This is clearly stated in the last paragraph of Machiavelli’s Dedicatory Letter, which respectfully states: “ If your Magnificence considers and reads it diligently, you will learn from it my extreme desire that you arrive at the greatness that fortune and your other qualities promise you. And if your Magnificence will at some time turn your eyes from the summit of your height to these low places,…show more content…
He would then later quote Scipio, where he points out the “excessive mercy” he had towards his soldiers eventually lead to the rebellion of Spanish soldiers against him. Scipio was then known as “the corruptor of the Roman military”. However, Machiavelli then concludes this chapter by returning to the love/feared dilemma and states that “a wise prince should found himself on what is his” and not on what is from others; striving to avoid hatred as much as

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