The Main Cause Of Violence In The Film 'Crash'

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Destructive Anger The occurrence of violence among human beings has been documented from the medieval era of glorious kings and knights to the modern day civilization where more security measures are being employed to keep people safe. In the movie, “Crash,” causes of violence are mostly, triggered by anger, race, disagreement, and a paranoid state of mind. “(Paranoid: personality disorder is a mental health condition in which a person has a long-term pattern of distrust and suspicion of others).” Watching televised local news and other media sources, reviles that violence is on the rise. These images promote fear, sometimes even from individuals who are familiar. For example, someone confronted by a perpetrator wielding a knife or much…show more content…
He tried to explain to Rashad that the door was the problem, and the lock was fine. Rashad thought that Daniel was cheating him so that he can get more work and money to fix the door. The aspect of mistrust mixed with a paranoid thinking portrayed in this scene shows how anger from both men caused the up rise of the destructive aftermath. Daniel lost the money for the work he did at Rashad store. Due to his outburst of anger and mistrust, Rashad did not get to understand or ask what the main problem was or adhere to Daniel’s advice about the broken door. Rashad store was vandalized, looted, and ruined, everything was broken and some stolen, the whole shop looked like a military tanker just made its way across the store. In his effort to get the insurance to compensate for the loss, Rashad was surprised to learn that the insurance could not compesate him due to negligence. The insurance company found out that, the locksmith told Rashad to fix the broken door and he neglected to do so. Anger temporally blocked out Mr. Rashad’s reasoning to admit that it was his fault that the shop was broken into, and he quickly blamed the whole robbery on Daniel the locksmith and frantically tried to find him to

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