How Did The Printing Press Affect Humanism

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There was such a big impact on humanism and the Reformation when the printing press was invented. The printing press was a big leap in technology during the renaissance period. Gutenberg invented the printing press so people can copy their hand written work. The printing press made information spread very quickly because thousands of the same information was being copied and sent all over the world. This was much quicker because it copied information automatically instead of manually by human hands. The printing press also spread important information about science and technology. So scientists from other parts of the world can share their new inventions in technology and science. Since scientists can copy and print their work, they can share…show more content…
People in many churches had their own private bibles because of the printing press. This caused people to no longer hand copy books because they can just go get another copy of the same book. The printing press made books available to the whole world. This caused schools to give out a better education because of the knowledge that was spread through books. But the printing press didn't just copy books; it also reduced the prices of the books. It made it possible to make information available to the poor people who wanted it at low prices. It cost a lot less to copy information by machine than to copy information by hand because it took less work and time. And the printing press allowed other religions to have their own opinion. But the biggest one was humanism. But there was also a drawback of the printing press. People took advantage of the printing press so they could do things that were illegal which was breaking the laws at that time. The printing press was also very troublesome for the church because it took the job of copying books out of the churches hands. This stopped the church from controlling and supervising what was written when the books were being

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