Argumentative Essay In Homer's Odyssey

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Dave and Celeste together are not the most understanding of each other when it comes to this touchy situation. Throughout the story Celeste wants to believe him but it is getting harder and harder as Dave’s alibi of the mugger is slowly coming undone. This can be observed through how often she is checking the papers for anything about a man severely beaten and her loss of trust in Dave can be seen developing whenever she listens in on his conversations and he is giving differing alibi’s to everyone over what had happened to his hand. Throughout the story Dave is just trying to continue living his life and just trying to put what happened that night behind him but the more Celeste brings it up the more he gets upset and feels messed up in the…show more content…
Dave and Celeste are completely on different pages and Dave is too afraid to admit to anyone he killed a pedophile, further digging a deeper hole with his wife and everyone around him. Jimmy and Annabeth, although afflicted by their daughter’s death are holding up strong and cooperating with each other over what Jimmy is doing all the way to the end. Between the husbands Jimmy is trying to hold it together and adamant about finding the guy, sending his goons everywhere asking questions and even retrieving Dave whom they were buddies with also in the day. Their past does not stop Jimmy at all shown as before he kills Dave he tells him how he killed “Just Ray” back in the day for ratting on him and preventing Jimmy from helping his wife, even with “Just Ray” being one of his closest friends at the time. Meanwhile, Dave is trying to hold it together mentally being haunted by his past which caused this all driving Dave to kill the pedophile he saw with a child prostitute. The wives are an inverse of each other in how they react with Celeste being terrified of Dave’s ambiguity and holes in his alibi and ultimately leading to ratting out Dave to Jimmy. Annabeth holds on with Jimmy the entire way through letting him do what he needs to do and take care of what needs to be done in their eyes. Her comfort ability with the murdering of Dave is probably justified in her eyes though the retribution of their daughter’s death and she is also most likely extremely comfortable with it due to Jimmy’s past as a

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