Bush Fires Research Paper

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Australia is a harsh and hot continent that has unique ecosystems and organisms, unlike no other anywhere else in the world. These ecosystems are continually being exposed to natural and man-made events, such as bushfires which are constantly changing ecosystems. Fire plays a crucial role in the lives of Australian indigenous people. Before their arrival, fires were started naturally by lightning strikes and intense heat. These bushfires destroyed and changed many ecosystems, which meant that plants and animals would have either adapted to the fires or gradually died out. The aborigines use fire for several purposes such as; cooking meals, keeping warm, cultural and spiritual obligations, signalling and communicating, attracting game for hunting, crop management and reducing risk of potentially destructive bushfires.…show more content…
Indigenous people have successfully learnt to use fire over time in a way that keeps the environment in balance. It is used to encourage stronger new plant growth, enrich the land, provide adequate conditions for seeds to germinate, revegetate certain species of plants and also to reduce undergrowth. Fire is an important aspect of shaping and conserving the Australian Environment. Although some ecosystems rely on bush fires for regeneration and aid in pest control; others damage the environment which can lead to the extinction of local plants and animals. In most forest ecosystems humans have learnt how to improve on methods of fire management and suppression. The conservation of our environment is critical. Our entire support system is dependent on the wellbeing of all species living on Earth. This is commonly referred to as the biosphere; meaning one global ecological system in which all living things are

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