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Yitzhak Rabin was an Israeli who sincerely wanted to make peace, but also wanted a homeland for Jews. He made an enormous impact on Israelis, Palestinians and other groups by being a role model for peace and compromise. He turned from being a high-ranking Israeli military officer to a prime minister and a Nobel Peace Prize winner. He was an advocate of peace who changed the Arab - Israeli conflict and came extremely close to finally solving the situation. Rabin’s military career began in 1940 with an invitation to join the elite unit of the Haganah called the Palmach. This was a Jewish paramilitary organization that fought during World War II against the British. From 1948 - 1968, he commanded the Harel Brigade during Israel’s War of Independence. Rabin desperately wanted violent terrorists to stop. Tired from the violence he had seen during the years he spent serving during the…show more content…
In January of 1968, Rabin was appointed Israel’s ambassador to the United States. He was also elected the eleventh prime minister from 1984 - 1990, giving him influence over religious affairs, the labor party, and social affairs. Although he did many great things to promote peace during his lifetime, the greatest thing he accomplished though was negotiating the Israel - PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) accords with Yasser Arafat, the leader of the PLO. Rabin and Arafat later shared the Nobel Peace Prize, along with Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, for compromising and creating a well-thought out plan to please both sides of the conflict. The reason Rabin agreed to compromise with the Palestinians was simple. Although many people had died as victims of violence in the fight over and creation of Israel, Rabin was not seeking revenge for terrorist attacks. He simply wanted to create a peace that would come to heal the hurt between the two cultures and for all Israeli’s to have a homeland of their

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